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Alzheimer's and dementia
07-29-2012, 12:42 PM
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Alzheimer's and dementia
My mother has Alzheimer's and began to show signs in her mid 60's. She is now 77 and has advanced Alzheimer's. She declined very rapidly recently. She would be the same for a long while and then suddenly horribly worse. She recently got to not knowing who any of her children are anymore. She has no concept of her surroundings and she can't even focus on you anymore when you talk to her.

In fact she can barely do anything. She has needed help for a long time with routine tasks and then with other things like eating, bathing, and even going to the bathroom, but now she even needs help just getting a few feet. She has become extremely frail and can barely walk two inches without tripping. I have to be honest, I hope my God takes her soon because she is no longer "her" she is more like a body with a soul trapped inside being controlled by a damaged and diseased brain. She isn't "living" anymore, she is surviving now and being kept alive by other people. Because if people didn't feed her or give her water she wouldn't have any idea that she needed it or wanted it anymore.

One thing that is scary to me though is that her mother had it too as did her aunt and her grandma. She always told me growing up that "everyone got senile when they got old in her family".

They used to call it "senile" when I was a kid but what it is, is dementia and/or Alzheimer's. Her words have come back to her and now she is the one with the disease and it just makes me horrible inside. I miss her terribly and I mourn and cry for her suffering but I am also scared for my own future and what it holds for me.
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