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Blackberry lily Rhizome (射干)
05-06-2011, 01:46 PM
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Blackberry lily Rhizome (射干)
NameShe Gan, Blackberry lily Rhizome, Belamcanda Chinensis, Belamcanda Sinensis, Rhizoma Belamcandae

They are reaped all year round, but are best to be harvested in autumn, when the young stems and fibrous roots are removed from the rhizome, then washed clean, dried in the sun and sliced for later use.

[Image: med_290_01.jpg]

Bitter in flavor, cold in nature, it is related to the lung and liver channels.

Clears away heat to expel toxic substances and removes phlegm to soothe the throat, remove toxin,disperse phlegm and relieve sore throat.

1. For treating sore throat:

It can be used alone when blended into juice to be held in the mouth for a while to soothe the throat, or when ground with vinegar into juice to be held in the mouth in order to induce salivation. Or it can also be used together with skullcap root (Radix Scutellariae), balloon flower root (Radix Platycodi), licorice, etc.

[Image: med_290_02.jpg]

2. For treating coughing and dyspnea (difficult or labored respiration) due to excessive phlegm:

(A) Coughing and dyspnea:

Use it with herbs for clearing heat and removing phlegm such as white mulberry root-bark, birthwort fruit (Fructus Aristolochiae), balloon flower root (Radix Platycodi), etc., e.g., Shegan Douling Tang.

(B) Asthma due to cold phlegm and coughing with profuse sputum:

Use it with herbs for warming the lungs and removing phlegm, such as ephedra, wild ginger, ginger, pinellia tuber (Rhizoma Pinelliae), etc., e.g., Shegan Mahuang Tang.

[Image: med_290_03.jpg]

Dosage and Administration:
6-10 g.

Decoct the ingredients for drinking.

Cautions on Use:
This herb should be avoided or used carefully by those who are pregnant.
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