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Friendly links
02-22-2011, 01:33 PM (This post was last modified: 04-02-2011 12:47 PM by berger.)
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Friendly links
1. Amyotrophy Convalescence Pill Series
Using Chinese herbal medicine to treat Syringomyelia, myasthenia gravis(MG), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), syringomyelia, syrinx, hydromyelia, syringohydromyelia, progressive spinal muscular atrophy(SMA), progressive atrophy, facial paralysis, polyneuritis. 

2. Brain Atrophy Recovery Series
Cerebral atrophy Recovery Pill is an excellent Chinese herbal medicine widely used for treating brain atrophy and dementia.

3. Intestine Appeasing Capsule and IBD Recovery Pill Series
Excellent Chinese herbal medicine used for effectively treating ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease and esocolitis demonstrated as bellyache, diarrhea, mucous stool, pus and blood stool.

4. Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule plus Hardness-dissipation Powder

Excellent Chinese Herbal Medicine Prostatitis Rehabilitation Granule for treating patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis (CBP), chronic nonbacterial prostatitis (CNP) and chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS), hyperplasia of prostate gland.

5. Diabetes Recovery Capsule (for Diabetes Type 2 only)
Diabetes Recovery Capsule, a Chinese herbal medicine invention for people with, affected by, and for healthcare professionals treating those affected by diabetes.

6. Cirrhosis Recovery Formula and Hepatitis C Recovery Formula
Chinese Herbal Meidicne to stimulate liver and to neutralize poison, to improve the blood circulation of the liver, and increase the blood flow in liver area and oxygen content of the cell, to accelerate rebirth of hepatic cell, to enhance the virus resistant capability of the liver, and kill the virus gradually, thus offering a possibility for a cure of HCV and cirrhosis.

7. Wudang Taoist Kungfu Academy
Inherit Wudang internal Kungfu and traditional Chinese culture, Wudang Taoist Kungfu Academy is to ignite youthfulness and dream by propagating Wudang Wushu, Wudang Tai Chi, Wudang Qigong, Internal Kungfu

8. Qigong & Chi Kung | Taoist Alchemy & Meditation | Neidan
A comprehensive website to introduce Taoism, Buddhism, Chinese Qigong, Herbal medicine, Kungfu, Chinese astrology and other schools of philosophy.

9. Herbal Remedy for ALS, MS, MG, Syrinx, SMA and MS
Chinese herbal remedy for effectively treating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), syringomyelia, myasthenia gravis(MG), syrinx, hydromyelia, progressive spinal muscular atrophy(SMA), MG, progressive atrophy, facial paralysis, polyneuritis. 

10. Acne Herbal Pill for ridding of acne and acne scarring
</a>Excellent Chinese herbal medicine for getting rid of acne and acne scarring.

11. Heart-tonifying Herbal Granule
An excellent Chinese herbal remedy for effectively treating coronary heart disease, comprehensive overview covers symptoms, treatment of this serious heart condition from the perspective of Chinese medicine.

12. DaMo Qigong & Taoist Internal Alchemy
A comprehensive website to introduce Chinese Qigong, Taoism, Buddhism, Herbal medicine, Kungfu, Chinese astrology and other schools of philosophy.
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