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Isatis Leaf (大青叶)
02-23-2011, 12:52 PM
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Isatis Leaf (大青叶)

Biological Name:
Isatidis tinctoria, Cruciferae

Other Names:
Isatis leaf, Isatis, Da Qing Ye, Ban Lan Gen, indigo

[Image: med_070_01.jpg]

Parts Used:
Leaf, root

Remedies For:
Leaf: Antibacterial, antiviral, antipyretic
Root: Antibacterial, antiviral, parasiticide

Isatis leaf is useful for febrile diseases and diseases associated with epidemics. Often, both the leaf and the root are used together for a variety of contagious diseases, including mumps. Despite the strength of this herb, it can be used by all, regardless of their constitution, for febrile epidemic diseases. Considering the fact that conventional Western medicine has little to offer for contagious viral diseases, this is one of a few herbs that deserve wider appreciation for their antiviral properties. It is especially effective when there is infection in the lungs and for skin conditions involving rashes or blotches.

[Image: med_070_02.jpg]

Isatis Root is one of the most effective anti-virals. It is therefore useful for a wide range of infectious viral and bacterial conditions, including the common cold, influenza, sore throat, and epidemic diseases, such as mumps. It cools the blood and is effective for damp-heat conditions, such as jaundice.

A Chinese and Ayurvedic herb, this is now cultivated in the west.

[Image: med_070_03.jpg]

10-30 grams (root)
9-15 grams (leaf)

Caution: Isatis leaf should not be used long term by those with weak and cold spleen or stomach. Isatis root should not be used by those who are weak or are without true fire toxicity.
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