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lonicera (金银花)
03-19-2011, 12:17 AM
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lonicera (金银花)
Biological Name:
Lonicerae japonicae, Caprifoliaceae

Other Names:
Honeysuckle flowers, Jin yin hua, lonicera

[Image: med_174_01.jpg]

Parts Used:

Remedies For:
Anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, anti-microbial.

[Image: med_174_02.jpg]

This herb has broad-spectrum antibiotic properties and can be used for all infections and inflammations. It is especially effective when the infection is in the respiratory tract; but is also effective for some gastrointestinal tract inflammations. It is useful for fevers, the common cold, sore throat, and influenza.

6-15 grams; large doses (up to 60 grams) can be used effectively and safely in severe cases under the supervision of a qualified professional.

[Image: med_174_03.jpg]

This herb should not be used by those with weakness in the spleen/stomach system when there is cold or diarrhea. It should be used carefully when there are sores due to qi or yin deficiency.
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