Herbs for Brain Atrophy and Demantia

Full Version: He Mo, male, age 74, lives in Beijing
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He Mo, male, age 74, lives in Beijing .. He went to our hospital on July 5, 1999 . Relatives gave the following account as to his symptoms: crooked tongue and deviated mouth after stroke half year before, glossolalia, acroparalysis of left side limb, intellect decrescence, poor memory, character insociability, anxiety, depression, insomnia, dizziness, laziness, belly distention, poor appetite, sloppy stool, inability in supporting self, history of hypertension.

The following are body routine check results:
T 36.8?, R20 / minute, BP16/12.5kpa, P80 / minute. Clear mind, apathia, reaction retardation, poverty of thought, impaired concentration, speech incontinuity, poor memory, poor understanding ability, decision and orientation capability decrescence, irrelative answer, mouth deviated to one side, angular salivation, normal heart rate, tender belly, absence of tenderness, rebound tenderness, normal bowel sounds, cold limbs, high left-side limbs tension, dim tongue color,

CT scan result:
Cerebral cortex atrophy.

Blood check result:
RBC : 4.19×10 12 /L ? HB : 138g/L ? WBC : 14.7×10 9 /L

Urination check result:
RBC Sad-)? Pro Sad-), FOB Sad -), ALT : 14u/L , BC 2 : 90umol/L , BuN : 3.61mmol/ L

Medicine Prescription:

Tell the patient to continue the hypertension medicine taking and prescribe two months supply of Brain Atrophy Recovery Pill. Two months later, such improvement found: memory, speech, dizziness, belly distention, and left-side limbs function recovered, be able to walk with support from other people. Continued the medicine taking for two months more and all aspect recovered to normal.
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