Herbs for Brain Atrophy and Demantia

Full Version: Liu Yan Tai, female, aged 72, lived in ShiJiaChuang City
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Liu Yan Tai, female, aged 72, lived in ShiJiaChuang City .

Came to our hospital to see doctor on October 8, 2003 . Ever since 1994, she could not walk steadily as like a drunken man. Movements retardation, difficult in lifting objects, mis match with limbs when go upstairs or downstairs, numb limbs, fatigue, poor memory, intellect impairment. Diagnosed as brain atrophy in 1994. When in 1999, all symptoms deteriorated which showing up reticence, numb limbs, restless, unsocialbility, walking difficulty, inability in self- care.

Body check:
T : 36.5? P : 82 /minute, R : 20/ minute, BP : 120/80. Obersavation: apathy, reaction retardation, blurred speech, walking titubation, balance impossible, finger-to-nose test (+), inability in obtaining objects, high limb tension, no muscle atrophy, hyporefleaxia,no bloatness with lower limbs, tender belly, dim tongue texture.

CT scan:
Brain atrophy.

Blood routine check:
WBC : 5.34×10 9 /L RBC : 4.39×10 12 /L HGB : 136g/L

Urination routine check :
RBC(-) Pro(-) FOB(-)

Take Brain Atrophy Recovery Pill orally for two months. The succeeding visit verified that the patient gained great improvement. With help from stick she could walk in house. Then we prescribed another medicine Brain Vessel Coursing Capsule. Three months later she could support herself wholly and all symptoms disappeared.
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