Herbs for Brain Atrophy and Demantia

Full Version: Order One-month Supply of Brain Atrophy Recovery Pill
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Order One-month Supply of Brain Atrophy Recovery Pill

【Composition】Niu Da Li, Red Ginseng,Wu Zhi Mao Tao, Fu Fang Teng, Cistanche Stem, Cornus Fruit, Finet's clematis, Notoginseng root,etc.
【Action and Indication】Enrich kidney and spleen, fortify brain and generate marrow. Used for treating brain atrophy, dementia, deficiency of kidney and liver, cerebral arteriosclerosis, cerebral infarction, brain hypovolemia.
【Quantity】 9g / pill
【Dosage】2 pills one time, 3 times daily. One month constitute one treatment course and 180 pills are in need for one treatment course.
【Price】180 pills cost USD 215.00
【Caution】The patient must have in the past 6 months without cerebral hemorrhage reaction. Otherwise using our medicine is dangerous. Also, very very high blood pressure is a concern. First time taking the medicine, try 1 pill one time, 3 times daily for 3 to 5 days.
【Attention】No spicy food, no wine, no tea, no fried, greasy, food below room temperature. Taking the medicine orally 60 minutes to 30 minutes before the meal. Stop taking the medicine when getting a cold.
【NOTES 1】Brain Atrophy Recovery Pill is the primary medicine used for treating brain atrophy and dementia. But sometimes due to the complicated conditions for some part of patients the assistant medicines of 5 kinds are needed. Please contact our doctor for proper diagnosis first.
【NOTES 2 】When there is no improvement after taking Brain Atrophy Recovery Pill one month please change to take Brain Awakening and Reconstituting Pill.

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