Herbs for Brain Atrophy and Demantia

Full Version: Brain Awakening and Reconstituting Pill
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Name: Brain Awakening and Reconstituting Pill

Shi Chang Pu, Dan Nan Xing, Jiang Chan, Bing Pian, Shi JueMing, Zhen Zhu, Di Long, Tian Ma, Xi Xin, Hong Shen, Huang Qi, etc. Altogether 36 kinds of herbs. herbs

dissipate phlegm, eliminate wind, activating collaterals. Used for treating confused state of mind, aphasia, renal deficiency, bones and muscles aching pain, extremity spasm, hemiplegia

[Image: atrophy_tu_004.jpg]

One pill each time. Three times daily.

10 pills per box. 9 boxes are needed for one month supply.

USD 23.10 per box. One month supply costs USD 208.00

No spicy food, no wine, no tea, no oily, greasy, raw and food below room temperature. Taking the medicine orally 60 minutes to 30 minutes before the meal. Stop taking the medicine when getting a cold.

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